Cards for Canelita


Set of five 5″x7″ greeting cards adorned with hand folded origami art, including envelopes.

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Nick and I moved to Orlando, Florida from Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where we lived the beach life for a couple years and adopted our beloved rescue cats Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn. We got involved with the animal rescue community pretty quickly after moving there, and if there’s ever an opportunity to keep doing that work, I am more than happy to take it on. We have such a case right now.

Canelita pre-rescue

Canelita is a Playa street dog who has suffered having her foot chopped off among all kinds of other diseases, disorders, and pests. There was initially an effort to get her into a prosthetic for her leg, but it has been determined at this point by veterinarians in Mexico City that she would fare better with a simple amputation and allowing her to adjust to life without the stump. The poor girl was rubbing her stump raw trying to get around every day, so the amputation definitely needs to happen.

My friend Phyllis in Playa is helping to organize the effort and raise funds, and she’s already raised just over $400 for her tests, bloodwork, and other medical care. We need to raise about $300 more to cover her amputation, so that’s where your opportunity to help and get some cool art comes into play!

To help raise the remaining funds, I am offering 15 sets of five 5″x7″ greeting cards adorned with origami art folded by yours truly and envelopes for a donation of $25 each + $5 tracked shipping so you don’t need to wonder when you will receive your package, you can track it! The attached image is an example of the type of art that will be on the cards, but each order will have a random selection. At this time, I am offering this opportunity to US residents only to keep shipping costs low. 

Canelita’s full story at these links: