Red Gradient Paper Quilled Anemone Pendant Necklace


Add some richness to your outfit with the Red Gradient Paper Quilled Anemone Pendant Necklace! Constructed from rolled paper strips and adhered to a metal alloy base, the red hues of this pendant add depth and intrigue to any look. The nature of its construction creates an interesting visual effect when viewed from different angles, and no two pendants are ever exactly alike.

Each Quilled Anemone Pendant is hand-coated with sealant to enhance rigidity and make it water-resistant, but this does not make it indestructible or waterproof. It is best to hang the pendant after wearing to ensure it remains as free from damage as possible.

This item includes a ball chain, which can be cut to varying lengths to suit your preference. I personally like the pendant to fall just under the hollow between your collarbones, but the choice is yours!

BONUS: Add FREE a pin back! These pendants also look great as brooches or hat pins. Just let me know in the notes at checkout and I will affix the pin back before it ships!

(Model is wearing the super cute Fairy Wing Ring Dress from Fairies Pajamas — go check out their amazing stuff!)

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