What to Be Aware of When Ordering Mac and Chonies Printed Products

It’s been just over a month since my printed apparel launch, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make my art available in a medium that ensures you will be able to enjoy your printed Mac and Chonies work for many years to come. Venturing into the arena of print-on-demand apparel has presented a few new challenges that I am learning a lot from, one of which is how to handle returns and exchanges of my print-on-demand products. 

Paper art on its own is delicate and subject to all kinds of damage, rendering it difficult to make pieces that can sell to a wide audience. People who buy my paper art pieces know that special care is needed to keep them in the same great shape year after year. While most of my paper art pieces are coated in sealant to make them less susceptible to crushing and provide some water resistance, many of my fans have commented that they are still hesitant to buy my wearable art because they’re afraid of damaging it.

Print-on-demand services are a brilliant solution to this problem, as they allow me to create prints that not only look great as wall art and household items, but also as unique wearable pieces to add a colorful flair to your wardrobe. Creating print-on-demand products has also enabled me to get even more creative with my designs, making tweaks on old classics to create new artworks every time.

When you order a printed product from Mac and Chonies, you are buying a print of my work that is fulfilled by a third-party vendor. Your selection is made to order every time — there is no stock to return your print to, there is nothing on hand to exchange it with. It is for this reason that returns and exchanges are not possible with Mac and Chonies printed products at this time.

The sole exception to this policy is if there are printing or sewing errors on the items you’ve received, in which case you should message me immediately so I can take care of it. Please be sure that you check the sizing guide carefully for each product to ensure that you are purchasing the correct size. Whenever possible, I choose mockup images that show the product from several different angles to help you get a good idea of how the garment will look. 

Production time on each item varies, but the minimum is 3 days, which means I am unable to offer any kind of overnight or super fast service at this time. For most items, production time ranges from 3-7 days, and shipping time ranges from 2-7 days after the product is ready to ship. Especially for custom print requests, please be sure to consider these factors when placing your order if you need it by a specific deadline. 

I appreciate the love, support, and orders I’ve received from each and every one of you and will always strive to make Mac and Chonies a business you are proud to support and share. Thank you wholeheartedly for your understanding!