Pink Lemonade Kirigami Pinwheel Mouse Ears


Wear a cute and whimsical reminder of summertime with the Pink Lemonade Kirigami Pinwheel Mouse Ears! The kirigami art on these ears is constructed from hand-cut and folded paper glued together and opened to reveal the pinwheel, and is adhered to a soft faux fur headband. The headband tension is loose enough that it won’t cause headaches during extended wear while being the perfect fit for both children and adults.

The art on each pair of Kirigami Pinwheel Mouse Ears is hand-coated with sealant to enhance rigidity and make it water-resistant, but this does not make it indestructible or waterproof. It is best to hang the headband after wearing to ensure it remains as free from damage as possible.

You’ll be sure to stir up lots of joy and compliments wearing these custom ears anywhere you go!

(Model is wearing the super cute Fairy Wing Ring Dress from The Fairies Pyjamas — go check out their amazing stuff!)

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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